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5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Read ‘I Will Always Be Your Mother’ { Divine-Mothering Books }

I wrote ‘I Will Always Be Your Mother’ because I believe in the body positive message. I believe that women and girls, and men and boys, need to be exposed to women’s bodies in a more positive context. There is nothing more raw, fierce, powerful , touching, and real than the immense love mothers feel for their children. We come into this earth though women’s bodies, we should celebrate that process; leaky boobs, saggy bellies, stretch marks are our battle scars ladies. Wear them proudly.

So on to my 5 Top Reasons why YOUR child should read

‘I Will Always Be Your Mother’



1  It’s first and foremost a bonding experience.

I wrote this book for mother and child. It is meant as a time for cuddling and bonding and meditating on the amazing journey your are on together. Creating positive reading experiences is also a key step towards love of reading. Teacher at heart, I can’t state the importance of reading with your children enough, but here I go. Read With Your Children. Read With Your Baby. Read the news paper, read the cereal box, read traffic signs, go to the library (most have Story Times, google it right now!), read the dictionary, it doesn’t matter, just read with your child! Other than a warm hug, a good meal, and safe home, there is nothing more important that you can do for your child’s education that instilling a love and enjoyment of reading.  ‘I Will Always Be Your Mother’ has a wonderful loving message and eye catching images that babies will love. Children, babies, and mothers; it’s their whole world. They will love it, you will love it. Go cuddle with your child, and read this book together.



2  This book humanizes women’s bodies.

This is a big one. Let’s face it. We live in a world where women’s bodies are protraid in a single context, sex. There is no escaping the sexy commercials that exploit women’s curves to sell material goods. We are so entrenched in a society of sexualising women that even young girl’s bodies are made “sexy”. This narrow perspective of the female form objectifies women and strips us of our humanity. For the sake of our daughters and our sons, we need to stop this. We need to combat this. We need to show women’s bodies in different context. There is no nudity in this book, but there are bare navels, there are back sides, there are bras, there are breasts, and none of it is sexual. That is something I want my children to internalize.



3  This book helps normalize motherhood, breastfeeding & postpartum bodies.

Breastfeeding is normal. Stretchmarks are normal. Soft saggy postpartum bellies are normal. Rock solid engorged breasts are normal. Stretched out belly buttons are normal. Your body changing is normal. In fact, most women who experience pregnancy will have their bodies transformed for the rest of their lives. Can we stop the taboo? Our bodies are AMAZING. Our wombs are bringing forth the next generation. Our bodies are growing and nourishing babies. This is an honor, a privilege, and powerful. Let’s give back the pride and respect postpartum bodies so rightfully deserve and yet are often robbed of. So take your rightful place next to your sister who suffered no changes or weight gain. You are equally amazing, beautiful and powerful. Let’s stop making one out better than the other.



4  It will build up a new mother’s self-esteem & teaches self-acceptance and self-awareness by helping mothers model it.

Because we have been robbed of the respect and honor we should feel towards our postpartum bodies, new mothers everywhere are left with a deep sense of shame and anguish over our changed physical appearance. I want this book to be a step in the healing process. Let your eyes feast on the beauty that is what your body has accomplished. Let the words transport you to the amazing journey of motherhood. Your heart needs this, and your children need to see you build yourself up.



5  It represents different ethnicities.

One last thing… If you’re wondering, YES, there are women and babies of different skin color in this book. Don’t let the cover fool you! Race and racism is an important and sensitive topic today and shouldn’t be ignored. Marginalized people are calling for representation and visibility. I hear you and I stand with you. I know this is something that may be important to you as a reader, and I want to reassure you that is a topic I care about. is for women, all women. And while I’m limited by the women who choose to participate in this project, I am honored to have worked with women of varrying backgrounds despite my modest amount of participants.


Book cover, I will always be your mother

Available On Amazon

‘I WIll Always Be Your Mother’ by Liliana Taboas

List Price: $15.99

Page Count: 36

Binding Type: US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Language: English

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