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Women in the Wild { Divine-Mothering } Normalize Breastfeeding

Inspired by the incredibly positive reaction to her epic breast feeding photo, my good friend Erin White, from Erin White Photography, decided she wanted to do more. Trying to harness the energy from the first image she is now planning a series of images for breastfeeding mothers all over the word! Not only that, but the out cry from bottle feeding mothers to want to join in has compelled her to include them in future photos, promoting love, health, and nourishment for all babies! I can’t wait to see the results.

If you are interested in participating in a Women in the Wild group photo, contact Erin White Photography here.




Today I’m sharing with you some action images from the photo session in Baumholder, Germany. The location was an hours drive for many participants and the excitement was exponential as we were planning a water photo. What was chosen was a lovely hiking trail winding at the side of a picturesque creek. Some participants came with family or friends to watch their older children. I myself brought my husband, he and my daughters, as well as other spouses, went on a hiking excursion as we worked on the photos.




It was truly a remarkable sight to see all these lovely women and children frolicking through the forest trails to the sound of swooshing water and song birds as we hurried to beat sun down. The joy and euphoria is truly palpable once we were all in the water shooting. The water was crisp, the air warm, a perfect summer evening.




Erin, you are amazing.




The joy that you are bringing to these women is incredible. The attention you are getting from this project will surely bring you positive energy and more incredible opportunities. I want to thank you for reaching out to me to assist with the event and the photos. I truly love this craziness and I couldn’t be happier to be part of it!




I had the great pleasure of shooting individual photos for the participants at this event, and the results were just jaw dropping. So much beauty and warmth. It was difficult to keep myself composed while I edited the photos. The pure love, the location, the stories of the women, and the sound of the river still ringing in my ears. Pure perfection.

If you would like to see some of the images captured, check out this blog post “River Goddesses“.

If you would like to read Krista Zurn’s incredible blog post about the first breastfeeding photo, check out this blog post “The Shame Game“.

If you are interested in participating in the Women in the Wild project, contact Erin White here.

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Blessings ladies, you are amazing.

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River Goddesses { Divine-Mothering }

These are the individual photos captured during Erin White Photography’s second epic Breastfeeding photo to normalize breastfeeding.

The photography is done by Liliana Taboas, from Liliana Beatriz Fotografia, who assisted with the photo shoot and helped documented the event.

There is no way to describe how powerfully beautiful these images are. Shooting them was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve ever had. As I shuffled through the water I called out to all the mothers “Please! Don’t move! We’re doing individual photos!” As a look of uncertainty crossed some faces I added. “Trust me, you are NEVER doing this again! You need these photos.” With that a ripple of laughter spread through the group and we set up the photo as everyone made their way safely out of their water with their children. It was truly a magical experience. Thank you, again Erin, for including me in your project.

I give you, what I can only describe as a collection of River Goddesses.


















If you would like to see some action shoots of this session, check out this blog post “Women in the Wild”.

If you would like to read Krista Zurn’s incredible blog post about the first breastfeeding photo, check out this blog post “The Shame Game“.

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You Inspire Me { Divine-Mothering }

When my good friend Erin White from Erin White Photography told me she was planning to do a breastfeeding photo, I was so excited. I wanted to participate. She graciously invited me to assist with setting up the photo and to take individual shots at the end of the session.

This was going to be a fun shoot. We wanted a beautiful view, sunset, and women showing off their amazing breastfeeding bond with their nurslings. For a moment we wondered if anyone would come, would anyone bare their bodies, would we be too scared, too ashamed…

When we drove into the location, my heart exploded with pride and excitement. There were 16 women and 18 children. A total of 34 models for this amazing photo.

When sunset hit, we raced to undress, and capture these beautiful women in the golden rays that only come at sunset. What was captured, can only be but a glimpse of the exhilaration we all felt. The self love, pride, honor, joy, courage was palpable. There was a complete rejection of all our fears, shame, judgments. It was like for a single moment all that was gone… And all that was left was pure joy and love for each other.

I leave you here with the stunning image Erin White Photography produced.

erin bf photo

Absolutely amazing, and making the rounds in our social media. If you would like to read more about this session, the amazing and brave Krista Zurn wrote this inspiring blog post “The Shame Game” summarizing the project and stories.

This photo session did something to me, to all of us. It filled us up with hope and inspiration. It shook us to our core. It reminded us of the chains we wear on a daily basis and how heavy they are.

No more!

Our voices will be heard. Our bodies will be celebrated. And our dignity shall be restored.

Let that Inner Goddess Shine it’s amazing healing light on all of us. I will be immediately taking up this project again. Join us, and spread the word.




Read some of the stories of the women who participated in this blog post.

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