Mission Statement


Divine-Mothering is a feminist organization that wishes to be an ally for women and girls to help promote respect, health, self esteem, as well as joy, beauty, and art.

The goals of Divine-Mothering are as follow:

To give women respect. Give women dignity. Give women a voice.

Divine-Mothering wants to humanize women’s bodies, normalize all shapes and forms, and celebrate the changes women’s bodies go through over time, through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Divine-Mothering wishes to serve all women, by providing truthful representations of women’s bodies as well as women’s experiences and perspectives.

As a platform for sharing, Divine-Mothering, wishes to further the reach of women’s voices and accomplishments.

Divine-Mothering is also committed to host events that empower and connect women.

I want women to come here to meet other women, to be able to see what motherhood actually looks like. I want to create a tribe, a support system, a validation system, a positive force to combat the negativity that we are being surrounded by. –Liliana Taboas, Founder of Divine-Mothering.com

Not All Women are Mothers*

Because the female identity is so strongly defined by the unique physical ability to grow and nurture new life with their bodies, Divine-Mothering is strongly geared towards mothers and nurtures. Motherhood is deeply entangled into the lives of most women, it gives women a common experience to bond over, to connect through. However, being a mother is not a requirement for participation, enjoyment, and the empowerment facilitated through this blog.

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