Let Mothering Heal Your Soul – Alleviate Motherhood Stress by Amplifying Your Positive Energy


Let’s be real here. Motherhood can be a very stressful time for women. Caring for young children in the selfless manner in which mothers do can leave you ragged and overwhelmed. Somedays are spent in “survival” mode where we can just barely put one foot in front of the other to get through to the next nap time or bed time. Even on these hard days there are small burst of light that have the potential to turn your mood around.

There are many ways to harness positive energy during your day, today I want to discuss how to begin your day on the highest possible note. This is simply one way to alleviate these negative feelings and stress.


Starting your day on a positive note.

Didn’t get to sleep? Your child(ren) kept waking up crying, asking for milk, maybe a flue, or worse, perhaps they slept fine but you found yourself unable to get proper rest, rolling around in bed half the night. It’s quite natural to wake up not so happy on nights such as these, but it’s important to try and shift your focus before you start building up that negative vibe.

First thing in the morning, go to a large window in your home that has lots of sunshine. Make some space on the floor by this window and grab a cushion/pillow/yoga mat. Prepare yourself for a short mediation time by sitting in lotus pose, kneeling, or perhaps just sit in a chair if that feels most comfortable; standing with hands at your side or palms pressed together over the heart is also a nice calming pose. If you don’t have a pleasing view, or your windows simply don’t get much light, find a peaceful area anywhere inside the house (or better yet, outside).

Take in some deep breaths. Breath in deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Feel the calm building up and your mind clearing. Look out your window into the light. Keep breathing. Once you feel you have entered a peaceful state of mind, start thinking about the loved ones in your life you are thankful for. Name each one of your children (out loud, our quietly in your mind) and visualize their faces, their unique personalities, and their love for you. Take a moment to allow the feeling of love for your child fill your heart with peace and joy. Take more deep breaths. Continue on to think abut the blessings of this new day. A roof over your head, the food you will eat, the time you have with your family, and the opportunity to start anew. Remember, each day is unique, yesterday may have been a difficult day, acknowledge that yesterday is in the past and today is a fresh start. Forgive your children, and, more importantly, yourself for any upsets that might still be bothering you. It’s not worth it to start the day with that weighing on your mind.

Personally, I like to finish this type of meditation with a small bow. I place my hands on the floor touching the tips of my fingers in a triangle or diamond shape and touch my head to the floor. As I do this I reaffirm my gratefulness for a new beautiful day.

Now, some of you may be wondering how on earth this is possible with a little one who wakes long before you do and there is no such thing as “morning quiet time”. If this is the case in your home, don’t worry, you can still do this meditation. If your child(ren) insist on being with you first thing in the morning (of course they do! they love you so dearly!) have them meditate with you. This may be intriguing for them and they might happily follow your lead. Ask them to sit facing you and take a few deep breaths. Keep them engaged by having them tilt their heads from one side to the other relaxing the shoulders and neck muscles. Now, out loud, list the names of your family members saying “Thank you for ____” including yourself. Next continue with “Thank you for our home. Thank you for our food. I am loved. Thank you for this day.” Pausing between each sentence and taking a deep breath to really feel the words you are saying. Finish up with a few more deep breaths. Very young children may not last the entire meditation session, that’s fine. Finish it on your own.

Now you are ready to start your day filled with peace, love, and positive energy. Soak in this small peaceful moment and let it follow you throughout the day.

Try committing to doing this every morning for one week and reflect on it’s effect on your mood. Does this help you feel more connected to your child? Perhaps you are more aware of the specialness of a new day. Do you feel more spiritually aware? More observant of your blessing?

I truly hope this tip helps make a positive difference in your day and I’d love to hear about it!

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Posted on: January 23, 2014, by : Lotus_Lili

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