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“Growing up I didn’t  think I wanted to be a mom. I didn’t want to have kids. I wanted to adopt and then one day it’s like a switch went off.

Make babies!”


“With him I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding. He was tongue tied and I have flat inverted nipples. Right off the bat we were supplementing with formula. But after about a month I decided I had had enough and we put the formula away. We’ve been breast feeding ever since.

I had to fight to get a supply. My milk didn’t want to come in because his latch was bad.”


“She was born and her latch was perfect. But a few days after coming home I got mastitis. I think it was the tandem nursing, I was engorged for weeks.”

“I’m actually just getting over mastitis again.”


“In this area there is so much support. I remember with my first I would call my best friend every night crying. All I wanted to do was feed my baby and I couldn’t make my body do it.

I was able to see a specialist who was very helpful figuring out the tongue tie, but I feel even more support here.”


“They are my life. Everything I do is for them. Maybe I need to make more time for me, but I’m away from them 8 hours a day for work. The time I have with them, is for them.”

Alisha, thank you so much for coming in and sharing yourself with us. You are such an incredibly strong mother. I loved hearing about your determination to breastfeed and I’m so happy you found the help and support you needed to achieve your goals. You are totally amazing!

Repeat after me,

I am an amazing woman.

I am beautiful.

I am strong.

The light within me is divine.

Alisha participated in Divine-Mothering Photo+Interviews of July Session 1, check out this blog post for more images of that session.

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Photography by Liliana Beatriz Fotografia

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