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This Needs to Stop


First day back at work today.
I didn’t wear my loose fitting maternity top. Instead, I wore my just -slightly- small size 12 prepregnancy top.
Guess what? It was tight on me. Duh. Anyone that really expects a woman to fit into her prepregnancy clothes a mere 8 weeks after birthing a child who contorted my body to her needs for 9 months and then COULD HAVE KILLED HER DURING CHILDBIRTH needs to get bent.
I heard whispers of all kinds of comments about how I looked today. “Does she even still want to be in the military?” “Has she even taken care of herself?” “You know her top is way too tight on her right?” “You know she looks like a sloppy, fat Airman?” Not to mention all of the rude stares from people who don’t know what miracle I had 2 months ago.
THESE RUDE ASS IGNORANT COMMENTS HAVE GOT TO STOP. This body in all of it’s squishyness BROUGHT FORTH LIFE INTO THIS WORLD. I could have died during childbirth and I am happy to still be here. I’m grateful that I’ve had a fairly easy recovery. I’m also using my super amazing mombod powers to FEED ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. I had many pregnancy complications out of my control that took a toll on my health.
So knowing that my top was a little snug, why did I still wear it? Well 1. I’m not pregnant anymore. I don’t want to wear a top that feels like I’m swimming in it. 2. I’m proud that I can even button this up after feeling like a beached whale for the last 3 months of my pregnancy. 3. Uniforms are expensive and I don’t want to waste money buying a new top that wont fit me properly in another month or two. 4. This pushes me. Feeling perpetually uncomfortable drives me to be better.
My lunch today? Veggies and some lean meat. What did I do on my actual lunch break? I ran a mile to my babysitter’s house to see my baby and feed her. Guess what? I’m making progress. I’m starting from square one again, but I have a solid plan and a solid support system.
Everyone will have something negative to say about everything. Fuck them. The only voices I need to listen to are my loving husband’s, Raven’s, and my own.


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