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“When I was pregnancy with her my husband had just PCSed (military speak for moved away/relocated) and we weren’t married, we were only dating and we didn’t know what to do. That terrified me.”


“My entire pregnancy was terrible. I hated it. I has gestational diabetes and PUPP, which is a skin allergy to your pregnancy. It made  me stripes about ten times worse.

I didn’t know what to expect of motherhood. I didn’t. I was shit terrified. I had nothing ready. At 35 weeks 5 days they noticed my blood pressure was elevated, they took me in and they monitored me for pre-eclampsia. I got diagnosed Monday and got admitted Friday. I went for a NST and Wednesday I had my baby. I was 36 weeks. I was terrified.

My husband doesn’t live here, he lives in Montana. I was really lucky that he was able to come. He made it just in time and watched the whole birth. He hadn’t been here for the entire pregnancy.”


“We’ve been struggling with breastfeeding because I’m a constant under-supplier. We’ve had to use a lot of formula but she gets the boob whenever she wants it. She’s a hungry baby.

Before I was terrified about everything medical, now I’m researching how to become a doula or midwife. I want to work with children and pregnant women.”


“I never thought I could love a human this much. I never thought motherhood could feel like this. I feel like I can accomplish anything. Because of her and after the birth I feel like I can do anything. As cheesy as it sounds, I really feel like super woman.

I am covered in stripes and I’m proud of every single one of them. Every single line, every single crevasse is because of her and she’s adorable. She was worth absolutely everything.”


“I want moms to stop shaming themselves and each other for their choices. Cloth diaper, disposable diapers, breastfeeding, formula feeding… I’m doing all of it and you know what? She still cries sometimes.”

After our session, Rebecca, who is active duty military, went on to share her experience from her first day back at work. Read her own powerful words here ‘This Needs to Stop’

Rebecca, thank you so much for participating in this project and sharing part of your story with us. No other words to describe you, other than fierce. You’re awesome!

Repeat after me,

I am an amazing woman.

I am beautiful.

I am strong.

The light within me is divine.

Rebecca participated in Divine-Mothering Photo+Interviews of August Session 1, check out this blog post for more images of that session.

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Photography by Liliana Beatriz Fotografia

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