My Journey into Divine Mothering


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My name is Liliana Taboas, but everyone calls me Lili. I was born on the sunny paradise, “La Isla del Encanto” Boriquen Puerto Rico. I have since lived in the vast planes of Oklahoma, the amazing island community of Key West, and the mystical and historically rich Germany where I and my family currently reside.

Growing up, I remember being oddly aware of the broken world I was being brought up in. Injustices studied in school or portrayed in movies would deeply affect me. The concepts of evil, misfortune, greed, and malice were difficult for me to grasp. Perhaps I was too innocent… This might be the explanation of most. But I now think that perhaps these thoughts were not mine alone. Perhaps this sense of confusion came from something deeper inside, deep inside all of us. We come into this world filled with love, compassion, and understanding for all, but as we grow up, we are robbed of these values and they are then replaced by the very values our pure hearts could not understand.

We’re immersed in a modern materialistic and selfish society. And many of us have grow cynical or indifferent. We are convinced this is the “human condition”, it’s a dog eat dog world, and we all have to toughen up.

But this view is a source of deep pain within our souls. It’s like our childhood innocence is calling us back. Call it what you like, your conscious, God, inner light, your heart… There is an inner voice that can not be silenced.

When I started to prepare myself for motherhood, that inner voice started getting increasingly loud. My heart was already expanding itself, preparing itself for the task ahead; it was growing stronger. When my daughter was born in 2011, it’s like my heart consumed me. I found myself rejecting many of the perceived “wrongs” in my life. I started taking up healthier habits. I changed my diet, became more active. I started to block out anything that I perceived to be discouraging my mother’s intuition because it was intangible from my inner voice, and this voice was becoming louder and more stubborn. I felt more in tune with myself; I felt more connected.

But connected to what? What is this inner voice?

This question consumed me. I started meditating, praying, and reading. I started exploring different faiths and learning about individuals who seemed so in tune with these inner voices they moved mountains. And the more I read, and explored, and meditated, the more I realized that everything was coming into a full circle.

“I looked in Temples, Churches, and Mosques. I found the Divine in my heart.” -Rumi

Different paths kept leading back to the same truth. I started to think of different religions, spiritual practices, moral beliefs, and principles as the different ways in which this recognition of the inner voice was being manifested. Every society and culture with their own sacred texts (sometimes recognized and shared by many), each time period with it’s own understanding according to their culture, each group with their own divine, inspired, or somehow enlightened individuals and prophets. Some seem as God on Earth, others prophets and messengers, others mere humans with incredible strength of character and conviction. All with a strong inner voice and connection, and all very much of flesh and bone; both somehow divine and human.

Human… All of them human… Human like me, like my husband, like my daughter, like my family and friends…

“What if God was one of us.” -Joan Osborne

This is how I came to realize… That inner voice, that inner light, that deep love that lives within our hearts, that spark… That is a divine light that is lighting our way, guiding us, putting us on our paths. And wether you believe the Divine is a father figure living up in heaven, or is shapeless and mysterios,  or is a mother that resides deep within our Earth, or is nothing more than our moral conscious pushing us to be better humans, it is that divine voice that connects us all, not just to each other, but to this universe. We were born with it, and it speaks the same truths of love, respect and kindness in every single culture and tradition.

When I gave birth to my daughter. I came in contact with a fresh pure and innocent voice. A voice so intense and undeniable, so incredibly full of love that it shook me into a more awaked state of consciousness.

They say motherhood changes you, changes everything.

I believe this is true on so many levels. And I want to further explore how motherhood can become a spiritual awakening and sacred task. I believe the love we have for our children is a love that expands our heart, expands our consciousness, expands our nurturing nature, and expands our compassion. It expands every ounce of love we have within ourselves. And it puts a loud speaker to our inner voice, our hearts, our inner divine selves.

I want to dedicate this blog to uplifting that voice that lives in all of us. Not only does motherhood heighten our connection to this voice, it also puts us in contact with the purest voices of this universe; that of children. We are tapped into bottomless wells of pure innocent love; let’s take advantage of this privilage.

Let’s celebrate this special opportunity together! Let’s talk about how mothering can be a sacred and divine task. Let’s talk about how to bring out our inner voice and let it guide our lives and help us learn from and teach our children. Let’s talk, but let’s also listen.

I am a young wife, mother, blogger, and photographer. I don’t know much about the vast expanse of this universe… In fact I know nothing.

Let me say that again in case anyone missed it. I know nothing.

But I am a student, and I am quietly listening to the lessons of this life. is a place for me to share my journey, a place for all of us to share our journeys. A place where we can celebrate our inner voice, our expanding hearts, and our growing awareness of our own divine spark. Let this be a place where we can celebrate and exalt the purity of spirit and wisdom of our children. I want this to be a place where you can connect with your heart, soul, and divine spirit through the sacred task of mothering.


May your day be filled with joy, love, and serenity.

Comments, questions, and rambling thoughts absolutely welcome!


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