7 Ways to Practice Divine Mothering and Enhance Your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellbeing

divine mothering

So… Exactly what is “divine mothering”?

I happen to believe, as many others have over the centuries, that the act of raising children can be a sacred task. Children are our future, our next generation, our most innocent, our most wise, our most loved, and our dearest treasure. They inspire a powerful selfless love, demonstrate incredible compassion and understanding, and exhibit joy, curiosity, and wonder. They are simply the very best of us. And since the beginning of time, the vessel by which they arrive on this earth, the nurturer, the first caregiver, and the first teacher, is the mother. This task mothers are given is sacred. There is simply no other way for me to describe such an honor, privilege, and duty.

So, if I am to treat parenting as a sacred task, I would do so with respect, love, and devotion. And if I am to do this, it means that pretty much my entire day is going to be filled with small acts of devotion not only towards my child, but also towards our home, our bodies, our minds, our family, our community.

In essence, our life is transformed. And if you wish to view it this way, mothering (and parenting), can become a means to expand your spiritual consciousness, your inner light and reaffirm your own divine presence within.

divine mothering

7 Ways to Practice Divine Mothering

1. Find and listen to your inner voice.

Let’s call it mother’s intuition for now. There is no denying this secret power. Mothers sometimes just know. Intuition is a powerful tool and can help guide us on the best course of action. Don’t take your mother’s intuition for granted. Find that voice, listen to it, and put your trust in it. When it comes to your child, and your life, there is no voice that is more important than your own. Trust and believe in yourself.

2. Treat your body as a temple.

It can be difficult finding and listening to that inner voice when your body isn’t getting what it needs. To tune in better to the messages your heart is trying to deliver you should treat your body with the upmost respect and dignity. It is after all, the dwelling of your soul, spirit and divine spark.

Try to eat as cleanly as possible. This may mean different things for different people (and it should! Every body is unique), but in general more fruits and vegetables. Focus on eating whole foods with the least amount of artificial preservatives, flavors and chemicals. Organic can be expensive, but consider switching some of the foods most relevant to your daily diet. Buy fresh local produce when available.

Drink water, lots of it. Instead of juices or soft drinks, as often as possible, choose water. Our bodies need it much the same way we need oxygen.

3. Practice being fully present.

In a modern era of being on the constant GO, it’s difficult to enjoy any single moment fully. The tv or radio may be in the back ground as you try to have a conversation. Your smart phone incessantly vibrates and beeps while you are attempting to color with your child. Even cuddling up and watching a movie as a family after a long day can turn into a dizzying screen frenzy as the laptops, tablets, and smart phones are kept on your lap or side table.

This is the world we live in. It’s just what we were handed. We must go out of our way to be fully present in our day, in our child’s and our loved one’s lives. Practice purposely leaving your phone in a different room throughout the day. Try starting and finishing small daily tasks without getting distracted. Cook and enjoy the smells and sights, after picking up around the house admire your handy work, sing, dance, play, craft, and read with your child(ren) with the tv off, the phone hidden, and your mind present in what you are doing.

4. Let your child be your teacher.

Often we assume that as parents we must always take the lead and that we are the ones who must teach. But our children come to this world with lessons they are here to teach us. Watch the joy and delight they take in small tasks. Watch how deeply focused they are. Marvel at how young infants savor fruits and vegetables that we would turn up our noses at. Pay attention at the deep focus and determination toddlers have when working on a new skill. Let yourself read more deeply into young children’s gratefulness, their compassion, and their unconditional love.

Your child has much to teach, and we have much to learn.

5. Take time for stillness, meditation and contemplation.

Along the lines of treating your body as a temple, making time for stillness is important to find balance in your day. After running around the kitchen preparing an elaborate meal, take the time to sit and calmly enjoy it. When your child naps, take a moment to relax, meditate, and rest, even if only a few minutes. At the end of the day after everyone has gone to bed, or perhaps in the morning before everyone wakes, take a few minutes to meditate in whatever way you feel is soothing. Even if the only time you have are the few moments you have before you fall asleep, take some deep breaths, quiet your mind, and enjoy the calm.

6. Take time for movement, and activity.

There is something incredibly soothing about movement, for the sake of movement. Taking a long walk, a run, exercising, and doing yoga can have a very cleansing effect on the mind and body. A physical activity helps clear your head, fills you with positive energy, and helps express stress from the body. It can feel difficult to find the time, but commit to 30-60 minutes of physical activity once or twice a week. Your mind, body and heart will thank you.

7. Let your heart be fully exposed.

Most importantly, let the love you feel for your child completely intoxicate you. There is no power on this earth greater than love. And the unconditional love you give and receive as a mother is an uplifting, healing, and contagious kind of love that will bring out the best in you and those around you. Feel this love, focus on it’s immense unexplainable size, and reside in it. Let this love and the joy it brings lay exposed for the world to see. You will glow.


In later posts I hope to expand and elaborate in more detail each of these topics, as each one truly encompasses so much more than what has been said. For now, I would love to discuss your first impressions! What do you make of Divine Mothering? Does one of these seven aspects call more your attention than others? Which one resonates with you the most?

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